Every marketing tool can be used incorrectly...

We help you create then implement the right mix for your audience and your message.


We help small businesses move from where they are to where they want to be.

We are more interested in advising you on the steps you could take to build your business than selling you a $10K website.

If a high end, fully optimized, ecommerce website makes sense for your business, we can help you with that.

But most small businesses and non-profits don't need that capability.

You need some basic marketing advice and some tools to make your life easier.

Our objective is to simplify your marketing management so you can concentrate on doing what you do well. Sometimes that will mean we take over all or part of your marketing; other times that means we simply advise you on actions you can take for little or no cost other than your time.

The fortune is in the follow-up. We can help you with automated follow up so you stay top of mind with the people who are most interested in what you are saying.

516 Bar & Grill



When the new owners took over the former Maple Valley Bar and Grill they needed a low cost website to integrate with their already effective social media marketing.

We were able to get them a simple site which served the purpose.

Your Project ...

We look forward to helping you build the marketing program you need to start closing more sales.

Your Project is Coming Soon!

Contact us for a free analysis of what is happening in your target market. 

Business Consultant


We Print and Mail the Strategic Planning Workbook which simplifies business planning for small businesses and sole proprietors.

Distill decades of experience and all the academic theory into a one weekend strategic analysis of how to get your business moving again.

Need help with your planning?

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