The Lead Leader helps small businesses get better quality leads by building the brand, generating business now, and encouraging business later which allows those companies to compete effectively in their niche market against national-level brands.

  • Learn about one easy-to-fix mistake that hides you from Google! 
  • Find out where your competitors are dropping the ball.
  • Learn about free tools that can make your website get hits!
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Small business owners and non-profit executives like you have too many tasks and not enough time or money to accomplish them all.
Our job is to get you all the high-quality, pre-qualified leads you can handle so your business keeps growing.
We provide sales training and are accountable to you; you can be certain you will get the results you desperately need.

The Lead Leader runs efficient and effective marketing campaigns so that small business owners can concentrate on doing what they do best, which is not running marketing campaigns all day.  

-  Lots of warm leads
-  Sales training for your front desk staff
-  Follow-up analysis to determine profitability

We have access to the best marketing technology.


Some marketers want to make your problem seem like it will be solved by a single piece of gee-whiz technology.


The reality is, our world is more complex that that; their "one size fits all" mentality shows they are more interested in their sale than in actually understanding your business model and how you are positioned in the marketplace.

We provide a free analysis of your position in the digital landscape compared to your competition: contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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"The riches are in the niches, but the fortune is in the follow-up." - Pat Flynn
You pick the niche; The Lead Leader does the follow-up.
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Kim is a proud mother of four sons and grandmother of ten.  She sees life as a cup, not half-empty or half-full, but a cup running over the brim.  She comes from three generations of entrepreneurs and attributes that fact to the freedom we have in this beautiful USA.


Dare to dream, then live your dream!





Keith is a former US Army helicopter pilot and operations leader. After the Army he was a print sales consultant. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing program. He believes technology serves people and enables community.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Confucius

And ends with a single step.

Between those two are a whole series of single steps.




Steve is a sales strategist with a focus on sales communications. He has spent the last decade in sales or sales-supportive fields. If he had to pick a favorite aspect of what he does, it would always be ‘people’! His philosophy is, regardless if the sale is won or lost, thru proper and effective communication, we both will walk away edified.

The destination is not the purpose of the journey, it’s the journey itself.